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Red Flag Education

Together we can help prevent
and put an end to hidden abuse.

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Our Vision

We envision a world that has ZERO tolerance for psychological and emotional abuse so that people’s lives, relationships and communities may thrive.

Unfortunately the majority of the world does not recognize the more hidden forms of abuse such as coercive control and psychological and emotional abuse.

Our vision is to create a world where these people are educated on these hidden abuses and no longer tolerate them so everyone can live in harmony and thrive.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide education that prevents hidden abuse, supports survivors in their recovery, and advances justice.

Currently we are providing free education to the public through our Instagram account @redflageducation. Spreading education on the red flags of psychological & emotional abuse will help prevent these types of hidden abuse.

Our Values






These are the core values we as a Non-Profit Organization strive to uphold to each and every day.

A few of the ways we help...

We Research

We research and keep up to date on new studies in the coercive control field.

We Educate

We offer free education to the public through our @redflageducation Instagram account.

We Support

We support survivors of hidden abuse through answering their questions and fundraising.

Meet Callie Sorensen

Founder and President of Red Flag Education

Callie Sorensen is a speaker, educator, advocate and survivor of emotional and psychological abuse.

After personally being involved in various narcissistic abusive relationships and destructive cultic communities, Callie decided to dedicate her life to bring greater awareness of hidden abuse into the world while supporting other survivors.

She is receiving her Masters of Psychology in Coercive Control and is a Trauma Informed Cult & Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coach

More about Callie

Thank you for your support so we may continue to spread education to prevent hidden abuse around the world.

Callie Sorensen, Founder & President

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